The ECS Calgary Student Chapter organized several events for the visit of Dr. Hector Abruna in February 2017. Dr. Abruna is the Emile M. Chamot Professor of chemistry and the director of the Energy Materials Center at Cornell University. The morning workshop covered in operando electroanalytical techniques, including a refresher of electrochemistry fundamentals. Over 40 people attended the workshop, along with 9 new members, mainly from the Department of Chemistry and the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. In the evening, 20 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows participated in a social event at The Den during which they met with Dr. Abruna to discuss their current research as well as possible career pathways in electrochemistry. The following day, Dr. Abruna also presented a seminar entitled "The Energy Landscape in the Age of Sustainability".

ECS Calgary committee members (2016-2017) with Dr. Abruna at the workshop.


Dr. Hector Abruna presenting a talk to the attendees of the workshop on in operando electroanalytical techniques at the University of Calgary.


 Graduate students and post-docs from the ECS Calgary Student Chapter meet with Dr. Abruna for dinner at The Den (University of Calgary).



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