About The ECS Calgary Student Chapter

About the ECS Calgary Student Chapter

The Calgary ECS Student Chapter was established by chemistry graduate students at University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, and is the second ECS Student Chapter to be formed in Canada. Viola Birss serves as a faculty advisor, and graduate students Behzad Fuladpanjeh, Annie Hoang, Yalda Zamani, Katelynn Daly, Marwa Atwa, and Tianpei Shu, Farbod Sharif, Luis Virla were elected as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator and members at large respectively. The Calgary ECS Student Chapter includes more than 25 members performing innovative research in electrochemistry.

This Student chapter provides a valuable link between students studying electrochemistry and industries located in Alberta. The Chapter aims to create opportunities for interaction with researchers and scientists from both academia and industry. The first Calgary ECS Student Chapter event was held on November 4, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the ECS Canadian Section. This successful event attracted new student members to the student chapter and to ECS.


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