The Calgary student chapter organized an afternoon workshop on advanced impedance spectroscopy workshop on October 31, 2017 from 1-5 pm. The instructor for this workshop was Dr. Mark Orazem, a distinguished professor of chemical engineering at the University of Florida, and adjust professor at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The workshop was very successful with over 90 attendees, coming from the chemistry department and the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, as well as a few students from the University of Alberta. This event also attracted 14 new members to the student chapter.

This workshop covered a basic review on impedance measurements with an emphasis on how to develop models to interpret impedance data. Equivalent circuits, kinetic models, diffusion impedance and constant phase-elements will be introduced.


  •     The motivation for using impedance spectroscopy advantages as compared to other transient techniques and the conditions under which its use is ideally suited;   analogues and more
  •     The basic concepts of how impedance is measured;
  •     Proper selection of experimental parameters;
  •     Graphical representation of impedance data, including methods to extract some physically meaningful parameters;
  •     Constant-phase elements;
  •     Application of electrical circuit


Dr. Mark Orazem (workshop presenter) introducing a resource for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy at the start of the workshop.


A portion of the attendees for the advanced impedance workshop in Calgary, Alberta Canada


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