The ECS Calgary Student Chapter is honoured to announce that we will be hosting Prof. Shelley Minteer, USTAR Professor from the University of Utah.

Join us for the Introduction to Biofuel Cells and Biobatteries workshop on Friday June 8th, 2018 from 9 am - 12pm in SA 106. We will begin registration at ~8:45 am. Coffee and cookies will be provided by the ECS Student Chapter during the 30 minutes break in the morning.

The focus of this workshop will be energy harvesting using biofuel cells, different electrocatalytic moeities (enzymes, organelles, and microbes), different electron transfer strategies (direct versus mediated bioelectrocatalysis) and options for biocathodes and bioanodes.

This workshop is FREE for all ECS chapter members to attend. If you haven't joined ECS yet, please register using this link before registering for workshop.



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